Boletim da SAB

volume 34


ISSN 0101-3440

Proceedings da XLV Reunião Anual da SAB

A filar micrometer for double stars observation [pdf]
Evaldo V. L. Bezerra & Alexandre J. T. S. Mello

The kinetic feedback channel traced by the coronal gas in radio-weak active galactic nuclei [pdf]
A. Rodríguez-Ardila & M. A. Fonseca-Faria

Cataclysmic variables in wide field surveys [pdf]
A. Ederoclite

Extreme emission line galaxies at z < 0.05 with S-PLUS [pdf]
A. R. Lopes & E. Telles

Determination of the mass of open clusters using data from the eDR3 catalogue [pdf]
A. Almeida & H. Monteiro

The inner radial gradient of chemical abundance in the CALIFA galaxies [pdf]
A. F. S. Cardoso & O. Cavichia

Follow-up of stars enriched in neutron-capture elements identified in the GALAH survey [pdf]
André Rodrigo da Silva & Rodolfo Smiljanic

Lithium depletion in solar analogs: Age and mass effects [pdf]
Anne Rathsam, Jorge Meléndez & Gabriela C. Silva

BLUE early type galaxies in the Fornax cluster [pdf]
A. Cortesi et al.

Radio-galaxies as ultra-high energy cosmic rays sources [pdf]
A. K. Romasanta Ohtuka & R. C. Anjos

Radiative model reconstruction of gamma rays sources in the Galactic Center region [pdf]
D. Momesso Cecchin & A. Viana

B stars analysis from field 13 of the Kepler K2 mission [pdf]
B. V. H. V. Silva et al.

Investigating the rotational evolution of solar-type stars with the Toulouse-Geneva Evolution Code [pdf]
Bernardo F. O. Gonçalves et al.

Astrobiology and the Inquiry-Based Science teaching [pdf]
Débora Marchesan Cunha et al.

Magnetically induced anisotropies in the arrival directions of ultra-high-energy cosmic rays [pdf]
C. de Oliveira & V. de Souza

Phosphorus monofluoride (PF) expected on gas giants Jupiter and Saturn by radiative association [pdf]
C. M. Andreazza & A. A. de Almeida

Space junk and possible risks to space exploration and the Earth environment: A focus on basic education [pdf]
V. S. Corbacho & J. P. S. Carvalho

The role of convection and magnetic field in mass loss of evolved cool stars [pdf]
F. Menezes et al.

The rise of Astrotourism in brazilian parks. I. The Três Picos state park in Rio de Janeiro [pdf]
Daniel R. C. Mello et al.

The growth of a central black hole in dwarf spheroidal galaxies [pdf]
S. P. David et al.

PeVatrons inside the Galaxy: Identification and acceleration mechanisms [pdf]
D. B. Götz et al.

A multizone chemical evolution model for the Milky Way bulge [pdf]
O. Cavichia & M. Mollá

Testing the link between mergers and AGN in the Arp 245 system [pdf]
E. Lösch et al.

Ram pressure in galaxies crossing sloshing spirals [pdf]
E. A. Mello-Terencio & R. E. G. Machado

Atomical abundances of iron and magnesium on red dwarfs in the solar neighborhood [pdf]
E. Freitas-Abreu et al.

Stellar occultations by (3451) Mentor, an irregular Trojan [pdf]
E. O. Gradovski et al.

Indirect searches for dark matter with gamma-ray telescopes [pdf]
J. Mamprim & V. de Souza

Scientific Validation of SPARC4’s Reduction Software [pdf]
A. C. M. Figueiredo et al.

Chaotic diffusion in the action and frequency domains: estimate of instability times [pdf]
G. T. Guimarães & T. A. Michtchenko

An observatory for astronomical imaging: development and future prospects [pdf]
G. Santos & A. Ederoclite

Development of an allsky camera based on commercially available hardware and open-source software [pdf]
G. Santos & A. Ederoclite

Photometric candidate selection and spectroscopic confirmation of new PNe and SySts in the Galactic plane [pdf]
Giovanna Liberato et al.

Astronomy at home: astronomical enchantments for the whole family [pdf]
Gleici Kelly de Lima

Analysis of the orbital profile of populations of galaxies in clusters [pdf]
G. A. Valk & S. B. Rembold

Determination of stellar parameters for S-PLUS stars through bayesian SED fitting [pdf]
Guilherme Fabricio Bolutavicius

The effect of galaxy orbits on the outer regions of clusters: connections with the splashback radius [pdf]
Abhner P. de Almeida & Gastão B. Lima Neto

Studying the (in)compatibility of spectroscopic ages in globular clusters [pdf]
Lídia Ascon et al.

VIMOS integral field spectroscopy of the interesting planetary nebula Hen2-434 [pdf]
H. Monteiro et al.

The unique Be system HD 92406 with two stellar and two disk eclipses [pdf]
T. de Amorim et al.

The dynamical masses of galactic gravitational lenses [pdf]
I. Beloto et al.

The evolution of the mass – X-ray luminosity in the CODEX galaxy cluster sample [pdf]
I. Pederneiras et al.

Effects of supernovae types II and Ia in the gas dynamics [pdf]
J. F. Soares et al.

Physical parameters of T Tauri stars: Excitation and ionization equilibrium in the formation of spectral lines [pdf]
J. V. C. Rodrigues & J. Gregorio-Hetem

Brazilian Decimetric Array (BDA) [pdf]
J. R. Cecatto et al.

Training teachers for Astronomy Teaching [pdf]
J. I. Spinardi & M. R. Voelzke

Light curves analysis with Lightkurve [pdf]
J. T. Mota Crispim et al.

The presence of low surface brightness structures in fossil systems as a record of a recent dynamical activity [pdf]
K. Parra Ramos & G. B. Lima Neto

Ionized gas outflows vs. “maintenance mode” feedback in MaNGA AGN [pdf]
L. Gatto & T. Storchi-Bergmann

PSF-free galaxy shape measurement methods for the J-PAS survey [pdf]
Leonardo V. Costa et al.

Detection of stellar variability through S-PLUS data [pdf]
L. Li et al.

Compact central object as a source of high-energy cosmic rays [pdf]
Luana N. Padilha et al.

Study of Active Galactic Nuclei Flares [pdf]
Luana P. Reis et al.

Rotation–magnetic activity relation in low-mass stars [pdf]
L. J. Galvão et al.

Exploring the properties of dust grains in supergiants stars envelopes [pdf]
L. Santos et al.

Reconstruction of neutral pion-decay gamma-ray emission in the Central Molecular Zone [pdf]
Lucca Radicce Justino & Aion Viana

The reverse variation of the solar day [pdf]
A. Luiz Sampaio Athayde Junior

Astronomy teaching as a formative itinerary in natural sciences in high school [pdf]
M. A. S Anastacio & M. R. Voelzke

The Local Group Symbiotic Star Population and their Weak Relation with Type Ia Supernovae [pdf]
Marco Laversveiler & Denise R. Gonçalves

Study of the physical conditions of coronal gas in the Circinus Galaxy and IC 5063 [pdf]
M. A. Fonseca-Faria

Magnetospheres around high mass stars revealed by polarimetry [pdf]
M. Zaghi de Oliveira et al.

A study of the relationship between the chromospheric activity of host stars and atmospheric properties of hot Jupiters [pdf]
M. G. C. Navia et al.

Studies on SST pointing models [pdf]
M. Y. Kagohara & C. G. G. Castro

The role of non-ideal MHD effects and Alfvén waves damping in protostellar accretion disks [pdf]
N. F. S. Andrade & V. Jatenco-Pereira

Obtaining cosmological covariance matrices with machine learning [pdf]
Natalí S. M. de Santi & L. Raul Abramo

Exploring the possible link between a recently discovered globular cluster [pdf]
Nicholas S. Souza & Rubens E. G. Machado

Use of Astronomy concepts within comics to motivate Physics classes [pdf]
Pablo José Silva & Marcos Rincon Voelzke

GRMHD simulations of hard to soft state transition in X-ray binaries [pdf]
P. Naethe Motta et al.

Search and characterization of Satellite Galaxies and Stellar Streams of the Milky Way in the S-PLUS survey [pdf]
P. Augusto Ré et al.

Galaxy cluster finding and membership assignments on the mini J-PAS survey [pdf]
L. Doubrawa et al.

Kinematic study of the relativistic jets of the blazars AO 0235+164 and PKS 2145+067 [pdf]
Flávio Benevenuto da Silva Junior & Anderson Caproni

The return of Programa de Visitação Pública ao Observatório do Valongo/UFRJ [pdf]
R. Ferreira et al.

Cosmological simulations to investigate properties of gas and dark matter filaments [pdf]
Richards P. Albuquerque & Rubens E. G. Machado

Beryllium abundances in metal-poor stars with the CUBES spectrograph [pdf]
R. Smiljanic et al.

A high-inclination collision leading to gas sloshing in the galaxy cluster Abell 2199 [pdf]
Rubens E. G. Machado et al.

Gradient Pattern Analysis of the Solar Active Region NOAA 11131 [pdf]
R. A. Sautter et al.

Two years of Astronomia Através da Janela [pdf]
S. Monteiro et al.

Correlations between abundances and magnetic activity in FGK dwarfs [pdf]
Samara Monteiro & Helio J. Rocha-Pinto

The role of the dynamo on the large scales of the Universe [pdf]
S. Adduci Faria et al.

Modeling the quasar spectra for super-Eddington sources [pdf]
S. Panda & P. Marziani

Saturation of the curve: Diagnostics of the continuum and Hβ emission in Population B active galaxy NGC 5548 [pdf]
S. Panda et al.

What drives the Coronal Lines? [pdf]
S. Panda et al.

Lorentz invariance violation [pdf]
T. L. Mundo & V. de Souza

Ionic desorption of methanol ice in different space environments [pdf]
T. E. G. Haimuri et al.

Upgrade of frequency synthesis circuit of BDA [pdf]
T. Machado et al.

Searching for Conspicuous Features Around the Young Stellar Clusters NGC 3572 and NGC 3590 [pdf]
T. A. Sabino et al.

HIP 102152b: A low-mass planet candidate around an old solar twin [pdf]
Thiago Ferreira & Jorge Meléndez

Stellar activity effects on the properties of exoplanetary atmosphere [pdf]
Viktor Y. D. Sumida & Adriana Valio

Science outreach in astronomy for children [pdf]
V. Amorim et al.

Mapping the Hercules supercluster to understand large scale structure formation and environmental effect on galaxies [pdf]
Vitor H. Y. Fugivala et al.

The environment of local analogues to high-redshift star forming galaxies [pdf]
Vitor L. da Silva et al.

From Blue Cloud to Red Sequence: dissecting morphology and star formation variations across galaxies evolution [pdf]
V. M. Sampaio et al.

Star formation in H II galaxies [pdf]
Vitor Gabriel Alves & Henri Michel Pierre Plana

Commissioning of SPARC4 cameras [pdf]
Wagner Schlindwein et al.

Excitation process of a polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH) [pdf]
William da Silva Chaves et al.

Discovery of asteroids by secondary students [pdf]
M. R. Voelzke & A. J. L. Pereira

Polarimetry of the asynchronous magnetic cataclysmic variables 1RXS J083842.1-282723 and IGR J19552+0044 [pdf]
Fernando Falkenberg Marques et al.

A robotic observatory: ROCG — Remote Observatory of Campos dos Goytacazes [pdf]
C. H. Barreto et al.

Modelling the strong Fe II emission: Simultaneous photoionization modelling in optical and NIR [pdf]
D. Dias dos Santos et al.

Acquisition system of the SPARC4 instrument [pdf]
Denis Bernardes et al.

Multiband photometric calibration and classification of galaxies in S-PLUS [pdf]
L. Espinosa et al.

Detection of supernovae in J-VAR [pdf]
L. Espinosa et al.