Upcoming Meeting

International Workshop Without Walls: Exoplanetary Space Weather, Climate and Habitability

We are happy to announce that our International Workshop Without Walls: Exoplanetary  Space Weather, Climate and Habitability will take place in New Orleans, LA on Nov. 29-Dec 2, 2016. This workshop is sponsored by NAI NExSS and invite you for online participation.

The major goal of the workshop is to promote collaboration between NAI NExSS team members and broader US and international communities to discuss recent progress inter-disciplinary studies and develop a community roadmap that cross the boundaries of space weather from the Sun to cool stars and investigate its impact on (exo)planetary climates.

The 2nd announcement with full agenda (preliminary version) for our International Workshop Without Walls: Impact of Exoplanetary Space Weather on Climate and Habitability at NExSSS web site at:


The workshop will be live-streamed (and later archived) and can be accessed via Adobe Connect by every member of broader US and international hello, astro, planetary and Earth science communities. You will be able to upload your slides (2 max), provide comments and ask questions during extensive breakout sessions (about 1-1.3 hour long) to be held every our workshop day before lunch and dinner.  

Vladimir Airapetian, The Chair