International Astronomical Union Symposium 328

Living around active stars. October 17 – 21, 2016. Maresias /SP – Brazil

Scope of the meeting

The activity of stars such as the Sun modulates the environment within their astrospheres. This variable forcing is mediated via stellar magnetic fields, radiative and energetic particulate flux, stellar winds and magnetic storms. In turn this influences planetary atmospheres, climate and habitability. Studies of this intimate relationship between the parent star, its astrophere and the planets that it hosts have reached a certain level of maturity within our own Solar System – fueled both by advances in theoretical modelling and a host of satellites that observe the Sun-Earth system. Based on this understanding the first attempts are being made to understand Star-Planet interactions and their coupled evolution, which have relevance for habitability and the search for habitable planets in other stellar environments. This symposium will bring together scientists from diverse, interdisciplinary areas such as solar, stellar and planetary physics, atmospheric and climate physics and astrobiology to review the current state of our understanding of solar and stellar environments, fertilize exchange of ideas and identify outstanding issues whose understanding necessitates coordinated scientific efforts.

This Symposium is of direct relevance to the activities of IAU Divisions E (Sun and Heliosphere), Division F (Planetary Systems and Bioastronomy) and Division G (Stars and Stellar Physics). Brazil, the proposed location, is an emerging scientific base in South America and is well-connected to other Latin American countries as well as other parts of the world. Coupled with its burgeoning astrophysics community dedicated to disciplines relevant for this symposium, Brazil is an ideal choice as the symposium host.

Scientific Program

Proceedings instructions  

Deadline of Initial Submission: December 7th, 2016

Deadline of Final Submission (following refereeing):  January 10th, 2017


Dear participants,  if you are interested in receiving a certificate of participation and/or work presentation,  you can generate them by signing in the following link,

Use the same user name and password used for abstract submission. Then follow a few steps.

Welcome Reception and Luau

The Welcome Reception will take place on Sunday evening (October 16th), starting at 8 PM. All participants and their guests are welcome free of charge.

On Wednesday night at 9 PM there will be a Luau at the beach of Maresias free of charge for Symposium participants. The fee for accompanying guests is U$ 30 or R$ 95 for deposit at the SAB account (for Brazilians). Please send receipt of payment to before October 7th.

Boat ride

We are organizing a boat ride on the free Wednesday afternoon, October 19th, starting at 12:30 PM through São Sebastião coast and stops at an island beach and deep sea diving.

The duration of the trip is about 5 hours and includes the transfer from the hotel to the pier of the boat.

The cost of the trip is R$ 260,00 or US$ 80,00 per person. This price includes open bar and finger food on the boat. Payment can be made at  or deposit at the SAB account (for Brazilians). 

The number of places is limited. Please send the payment receipt to before October 10th.

Important dates

   start  end
 Abstract submission
April 1st
 Aug 15th
 Online Registration
 April 1st
 Oct 16th
 Travel grant application
 March 16 th
 April 30th
Metcalf Travel Award for SPD early career scientists April 1st  May 7th

Registration fee

Participant  from April 1st to August 15th
 After August 15th
In desk registration  
Developed countries  US$ 300
 US$ 350
 US$ 400
Brazil and developing countries
 RS$ 700
  RS$ 800   RS$ 900
Students from Brazil and developing countries  R$ 500 R$ 550   R$ 600
We encourage students from all countries and participants from developing countries to apply to the IAU Travel grant for a fee waiver.


Maresias Beach Hotel – the conference hotel

Hotel reservations can be made via e-mail to by informing dates of check-in and check-out. To obtain the hotel prices for participants please inform in your e-mail the code IAUSymp 328. These rates are for full board (breakfast, lunch and dinner included).

The prices are in REAIS (Brazilian currency: 1 U$ = R$ 3,3 (updated 20/09/2016)

Room type Single Occupancy Double Occupancy

(price per person) 

Triple Occupancy

(price per person) 

Estrela do Mar 


Cavalo Marinho 

R$ 380,00 

R$ 350,00 

R$ 315,00 

R$ 220,00 

R$ 195,00 

R$ 185,00 

R$ 190,00 

R$ 180,00 

R$ 170,00 

Scope of the meeting

Maresias is located 150 km South from São Paulo (Guarulhos international airport) via the BR-101 highway. Two shuttles will be available on Sunday, October 16th from the airport to the Hotel.  Other options of transportation include taxi from the airport or bus (ônibus) from the Tiete terminal (look for Litorânea bus company).

There are three options for ground transportation from São Paulo International Airport (GRU) and the town of Maresias, that is about 3 hours drive:

  • Taxi – U$ 130.00
  • Car rental – U$ 45 per day
  • Shuttle – U$ 30 (round trip)

Shuttle Transportation


  • Shuttle – U$ 30 (round trip)

This should be paid upon arrival to the secretary of the event, Ms. Luciola Russi. To use the shuttle it is necessary to send your full name and passport number to . 

The time schedule for the shuttle from Sao Paulo International Airport (GRU) to the town of Maresias, about 3 hours drive, is:

  • October 16th11:30 AM (full)
  • October 16th8 PM (few places left)

Return (Maresias to GRU) – confirm with Ms Luciola until October 5th!

  • October 21st (Friday): 5 PM (arrival time at GRU ~ 8:30 PM)
  • October 22nd (Saturday): 3 PM


We inform that there are no banks or exchange places at Maresias, and the nearest ATM machine is 7 km away, at the beach of Boissucanga. So come prepared!

Visa Information for foreign participants

US citizens need a tourist visa to visit Brazil. Information about consulates in the US and visa application can be found in the following link:

Participants from Latin America or the EU countries do not need a visa to visit Brazil. For participants from other nationalities, wikipedia provides a map with countries whose citizens do not need a visa, please check:

In case you do need a visa, please obtain information about the requirements in the Brazilian consular mission in your country. 



Dibyendu Nandi (Chair), CESSI-IISER Kolkata, India
Sarah Gibson (Co-Chair), High Altitude Observatory-NCAR, USA
Pascal Petit (Co-chair), Observatoire Midi-Pyrenées, France
Margit Haberreiter, PMOD/WRC, Switzerland
Emre Isik, Istanbul Kültür University, Turkey
Heidi Korhonen,  University of Copenhagen, Denmark
Kanya Kusano, Nagoya University, Japan
Duncan Mackay, University of St Andrews, UK
Cristina Mandrini, Universidad de Buenos Aires, Argentina
Allan Sacha Brun, CEA-Saclay, France
Adriana Valio, CRAAM, Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie, Brazil
Aline Vidotto, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland
David Webb, Boston College-ISR, USA


Adriana Valio (Chair), CRAAM, Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie, Brazil
Gustavo Guerrero (Co-Chair), Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais, Brazil
Alisson Dal Lago, DGE/INPE, São José dos Campos, Brazil
Jorge Melendez, IAG-University of São Paulo, Brazil
Emilia Correia,  CRAAM/INPE, São Paulo, Brazil
Caius L. Selhorst, UNIVAP, Brazil