Boletim da SAB

volume 30


Proceedings da XLI Reunião Anual da SAB

Índice de contribuições

UEFS Professional Master Program in Astronomy [pdf]
V. A. Fernandes-Martin, et al.

Use of tactile materials for Astronomy teaching for visually- and hearing-impaired public schools in Minas Gerais [pdf]
A. Paganotti, C. Reis, & M. Voelzke

The astronomy press release system of UFRJ/SAB [pdf]
D. F. Martins, E. M. Pereira, & C. V. Lencioni

The possible social representations of astronomy by students from integrated high school [pdf]
J. I. de Lima Barbosa, & M. Voelzke

The study of topics of Astronomy in Physics teaching that addresses the significant learning [pdf]
M. L. Santos Neta, & M. Voelzke

Sundials as a teaching tool to understand time, calendar, seasons and Earth orbit [pdf]
M. P. Ferreira, & G. R. Hickel

Look to the sky, see the universe: A university extension project in a non-formal teaching space [pdf]
M. P. Ferreira, A. J.. Roberto Jr., & J. C. Silva

Sky observation using the moon as a guide [pdf]
S. M. Bisch, M. F. Barros, & T. P. da Silva

Astronomy in the park [pdf]
A. E. Ferreira, et al.

Application of the restricted problem of the three bodies in teaching physics and astronomy [pdf]
G. S. Macedo, & A. J. Roberto Jr.

Binary Stars 3D [pdf]
G. S. Macedo, et al.

Verification of Titius-Bode Law in exoplanetarian system [pdf]
V. Lima dos Santos, & M. R. Calil

The state of art of research on conceptual errors of Astronomy in Brazilian didactic books [pdf]
P. H. A. Sobreira

Description of variable stars visible in small observatories for teaching purposes [pdf]
M. M. de Brito, & A. J. Roberto Jr.

Digital resources and low cost of teaching materials for astronomical education [pdf]
L. Paladino, M. Voelzke

A proposal for an Astronomy basic course for secondary school students [pdf]
R. Domingues, & A. J. Roberto Jr.

Observation of planetary transit in miniobservatories [pdf]
J. C. da Silva, & A. J. Roberto Jr.

The Biological Impact of Kepler-96 Superflares [pdf]
R. Estrela, & A. Valio

Identification of organic molecules in the protostellar region NGC 1333-IRAS 4A [pdf]
H. M. Quitián-Lara, et al.

Protonation and hydrogenation of benzene molecule on a surface grain [pdf]
H. M. Quitián-Lara, et al.

Ages as an attribute of planetary habitability [pdf]
L. L. Amorim, & J.-D. do Nascimento Jr.

Earth-size planet formation in the “habitable zone” of binary stars systems [pdf]
G. O. Barbosa, et al.

Planetary transit model and light curve analysis [pdf]
N. V. Santos, I. Florentino, A. Valio

Unraveling the Astrophotography: Physical Principles and Techniques for Processing Astronomical Images from CCD and DSLR [pdf]
L. de Almeida, & J. R. S. Leão

Searching for exoplanet candidates around the evolved binary [pdf]
E. S. Pereira, & L. A. Almeida

Atmospheric spectroscopy at Gale Crater on Mars [pdf]
V. A. Oliveira, & P. H. Mombelli

How typical is the Solar magnetic cycle? [pdf]
J.-D. do Nascimento Jr., et al.

The rotational evolution of single and binary solar twins using HARPS spectra [pdf]
L. A. dos Santos, & J. Meléndez

Solar radius at sub-THz frequencies and its relation to solar activity [pdf]
F. Menezes, & A. Valio

Flare parameters inferred with 3D loop models database [pdf]
V. A. Cuambe

Studying spot-induced modulations of active solar analog stars [pdf]
E. N. Velloso, & J.-D. do Nascimento Jr.

Magnetic activity in main sequence and evolved stars [pdf]
B. F. O. Gonçalves, et al.

Heating mechanisms of protostellar accretion disks [pdf]
N. F. S. Andrade, & V. Jatenco-Pereira

DogsHeaven Observatory international cooperation — Wind structure [pdf]
P. Cacella

Rotation periods and variability properties of active KEPLER stars [pdf]
P. P. Cabral, et al.

Does environment matter? The rotational scenario of low mass stars in the young Cygnus OB2 association [pdf]
J. Roquette, et al.

Rotation and tide equilibrium [pdf]
A. C. Mattiuci Figueiredo, et al.

The activity of possibles Maunder minimum candidates [pdf]
R. Ferreira, et al.

Solar analogs and twins: a spectroscopic analysis in the violet and ultraviolet [pdf]
M. L. Ubaldo-Melo, et al.

A study of likeness: The solar twin 18 Sco and the Sun [pdf]
G. T. Ponte, G. T., & G. F. Porto de Mello

Seismic and spectroscopic analysis of 9 bright red giant stars observed by Kepler and Gaia [pdf]
H. R. Coelho, et al.

The impact of GAIA astrometry on the evolutionary status of the seismic analog HD 42618 [pdf]
M. Castro, et al.

Simultaneous modelling of X-ray emission and optical polarization of intermediate polars: the case of V405 Aur [pdf]
I. J. Lima, et al.

Project and development of the architectural model for CRAAM Solar Virtual Observatory [pdf]
L. F. Backer, et al.

Spatially- and velocity-resolved emission line disk spectra of V2051 Oph along outburst [pdf]
E. L. Andrade, & R. Baptista

Identification and spectral classification of brown dwarfs in the Dark Energy Survey data [pdf]
M. Dal Ponte, et al.

Photometry and spectroscopy of A-type stars observed by the Kepler K2 Mission Campaign 8 [pdf]
J. M. Eidam, et al.

The flickering of the dwarf nova OY Carinae in quiescence [pdf]
W. Schlindwein, et al.

Spectropolarimetry of AM Herculis with ESPaDOnS/CFHT [pdf]
Y. M. Amado, et al.

Calibration of (B-V)o with MILES stars [pdf]
A. Milone, et al.

Accretion processes in Herbig Ae/Be stars: the case of HD 261941 [pdf]
T. Moura, A. P. Sousa, & S. H. P. Alencar

The Be star α Col: a laboratory for the physics of circunstellar disks [pdf]
A. C. Rubio, et al.

Study of variability and periodicity in white dwarf stars [pdf]
L. A. Amaral, A. D. Romero, & S. O. Kepler

Photoionization models of nova V723 Cas [pdf]
L. Takeda, M. Diaz, R. Campbell, & J. Lyke

SOAR optical photometry of stellar clusters in the Magellanic Clouds: the VISCACHA survey [pdf]
F. F. S. Maia, et al.

Transition disk candidates in the NGC 2264 cluster — Disk diagnostics [pdf]
A. P. Sousa, & S. H. P. Alencar

Fitting of King’s model to young star clusters [pdf]
J. L. Lima Berretta, & A. Hetem Jr.

Intermediate-mass black holes in dwarf galaxies at high redshifts [pdf]
P. Barai, & E. M. de Gouveia Dal Pino

Chemical analysis of eight giant stars of the globular cluster NGC 6366 [pdf]
A. A. Puls, & A. Alves Brito

Multiple stellar populations from HST UV Legacy Survey [pdf]
R. A. P. Oliveira, et al.

Spectroscopy analysis of NGC 1952, NGC 2024 and NGC 6210 [pdf]
C. A. Rosa, et al.

Stellar ages: combination of the Kinematical and Isochronal methods [pdf]
F. Almeida-Fernandes, & H. J. Rocha-Pinto

Low surface brightness star clusters of the Large Magellanic Cloud outer regions [pdf]
J. F. C. Santos Jr., et al.

Deprojecting the metallicity and age gradients for the Magellanic Clouds using star clusters [pdf]
P. Westera, et al.

A synthetic spectral stellar library of blue horizontal branch stars [pdf]
R. M. Martins, & L. Martins

Modelling the formation of the galactic bulge [pdf]
O. Cavichia, & M. Mollá

TW Hydrae association membership analysis based on Gaia DR1 [pdf]
R. Teixeira, et al.

Multiple stellar populations from the HST UV Legacy Survey [pdf]
S. Souza, et al.

Fractal parameter algorithm for young star clusters [pdf]
S. E. M. Sampa, & A. Hetem Jr.

Synthetic photometry for J-PLUS and S-PLUS and the multiple populations in globular clusters [pdf]
V. Branco, et al.

S-PLUS, J-PLUS and J-PAS in the search for planetary nebulae [pdf]
L. A. Gutiérrez-Soto , et al.

Tracing the Galactic bar through dense molecular cores with broad emission spectra [pdf]
S. Akhter, et al.

Compact galaxies?: ask the Illustris simulation! [pdf]
I. G. de la Rosa , N. Caon, & B. T. Dullo

Separation of stars and quasars in multispectral images of J-PAS, J-PLUS, S-PLUS and ALHAMBRA [pdf]
L. M. I. Nakazono, et al.

Detecting extragalactic globular clusters in early-type galaxies in J-PLUS images [pdf]
D. Brito Silva, et al.

The role of environment on the formation of clumpy starburst galaxies [pdf]
L. Santana-Silva, et al.

Peculiar ring galaxies: morphology and properties [pdf]
G. Silva, et al.

Star-forming clumps in Lyman break analogs [pdf]
J. M. Santos-Junior, et al.

Panchromatic stellar populations in early type galaxies: NGC 1052 [pdf]
L. G. Dahmer-Hahn, et al.

Measuring the gas reservoir for star formation in high redshift galaxies [pdf]
N. Nogueira-Maia, & Thiago S. Gonçalves

Improving galaxy morphology with machine learning [pdf]
P. H. Barchi, et al.

Origin of high ionization lines in active galaxy nuclei [pdf]
Y. Diaz, & A. Rodríguez-Ardila

Star formation vs AGN black hole feedback in the evolution of galaxy outflows [pdf]
W. Clavijo-Bohórquez, et al.

Structure and Dynamics of the Fornax Cluster [pdf]
D. D. Barbosa, et al.

Probing PAH molecules in luminous infrared galaxies [pdf]
Y. Martins, et al.

Polycyclic aromatic nitrogen heterocycles in starburst-dominated galaxies [pdf]
C. M. Canelo, et al.

Chromodynamical analysis of lenticular galaxies using globular clusters and planetary nebulae [pdf]
E. Zanatta, et al.

Quenching or bursting? [pdf]
T. S. Gonçalves, et al.

A morphological view of the Green Valley [pdf]
C. de Sá Freitas, & T. S. Gonçalves

Stellar metallicity gradients in simulated disc galaxies [pdf]
P. B. Tissera, & R. E. G. Machado

The BINGO Telescope: a new 21 cm window for exploring the Dark Universe and other astrophysics [pdf]
C.A. Wuensche on behalf of the BINGO collaboration

The BINGO telescope: instrument description [pdf]
M. W. Peel on behalf of the BINGO collaboration

On the topology of microlensing events of Earth-Sun fraction mass systems [pdf]
L. de Almeida, J.-D. do Nascimento Jr.

Systems Enginnering applied to spectroscopy of the ELTs [pdf]
D. M. Faes, et al.

SAMplus: Adaptive Optics in optical wavelengths at SOAR [pdf]
D. M. Faes, et al.

SPAnet: the São Paulo Astronomy Network [pdf]
L. Sodré Jr.

The United Nations Open Universe Initiative [pdf]
U. Barres de Almeida

J. L. Kohl-Moreira

Gamma-ray Emission Properties of Four Bright Fermi-LAT [pdf]
Pankaj Kushwaha

Bayesian Analysis of CCDM models [pdf]
J. F. de Jesus, R. Valentim, F. Andrade-Oliveira

Neutrinos emission models with two temperatures for SN1987A [pdf]
R. Valentim, J. E. Horvath, E. M. Rangel

Bayesian correction of H(z) data uncertainties [pdf]
J. F. Jesus, et al.

Searching for High Redshift Quasars with S-PLUS, J-PLUS and J-PAS [pdf]
R. Magalhães, et al.

Can Soft Gamma-Ray Repeaters and Anomalous X-Ray Pulsars be described as white dwarfs? [pdf]
S. V. Borges, et al.

Diffuse InterGalactic Magnetic Fields and Constraints for the CTA and ASTRI MINI-ARRAY Observations [pdf]
S. A. Faria, et al.

The FLASK code: beyond lognormal models of cosmological fields [pdf]
H. S. Xavier, et al.

The ISM properties of massive dusty obscured during the reionization [pdf]
J. H. B. Santos, & G. B. Lima Neto

On the multifractality in GW150914 gravitational wave [pdf]
M. M. F. Nepomuceno, et al.

Combined fit of spectrum and composition data as measured by the Pierre Auger Observatory [pdf]
C. Ventura, et al.

Studies of cosmic ray acceleration in relativistic MHD jets [pdf]
T. E. Medina Torrejón, et al.

A radiative transfer algorithm to calculate the spectral evolution in relativistic jets [pdf]
M. A. Nawaz, et al.