Boletim da SAB

volume 35


ISSN 0101-3440

Proceedings da XLVI Reunião Anual da SAB

A tricky inverse problem: The information content of galaxy spectra [pdf]
Ignacio Ferreras

Effects of pressure dependency in exoplanetary atmospheric retrieval [pdf]
A. Novais et al.

Unraveling the quenching of star formation: a comparison of the results of a bulge-disk decomposition between Green Valley and Star Forming galaxies [pdf]
A. C. Santiago-Menezes et al.

Warped disks in simulated barred galaxies [pdf]
A. Wille & R. E. G. Machado

Determination of the interstellar medium components towards the molecular cloud CO225.30-66.30 [pdf]
A. Carli et al.

Computing particle feedback in RMHD-PIC simulations of relativistic jets [pdf]
A. Carvalho et al.

Multi-messenger emission from radio-galaxies [pdf]
A. K. Romasanta Ohtuka & R. C. dos Anjos

Characterization of star clusters observed by the VISCACHA Survey using synthetic stellar populations [pdf]
Bernardo P. L. Ferreira et al.

Detection of supernova remnants in MUSE data cubes [pdf]
Bruna Pacheco & Roberto Cid Fernandes Jr.

Peculiar pairs of ARP galaxies in numerical simulations [pdf] [video1] [video2] [video3] [video4]
Carlos A. M. Coelho & Gastão B. Lima Neto

Phosphorus monofluoride cation (PF+) expected in atmospheres of the gas giant planets Jupiter and Saturn [pdf]
C. M. Andreazza, A. A. de Almeida and E. P. Marinho

The detection of nucleobases precursors in Class 0 protostars [pdf]
Caroline Antunes Rosa et al.

Through the green valley: investigating the mechanisms behind the decrease in the star formation rate of galaxies [pdf]
C. A. Oliveira et al.

Impact of background radiation on the ultra-high-energy cosmic-ray composition [pdf]
C. C. Almeida & R. C. dos Anjos

SPARC4: Simultaneous Polarimeter And Rapid Camera in 4 bands: first light, comissioning, and preliminary results [pdf]
C. V. Rodrigues et al.

Radiative model reconstruction of the Galactic Center central gamma-ray source [pdf]
D. Momesso Cecchin & A. Viana

Tracing the dynamics in cosmological n-body simulations with a computer vision software [pdf]
D. S. Mendes et al.

Extension Project “Juruá Astronomy for Indigenous Communities” [pdf]
I. D. Lovison et al.

Importance of the Itinerant Educational Observatory [pdf]
J. S. Santos & D. B. Pavani

Reconstructing the gamma-ray emission from the central molecular zone [pdf]
D. Bessa de Sousa & A. Viana

The unusual behavior of the Hydrogen emission line from a young star in RCW 36 [pdf]
D. A. Pereira & A. C. M. M. Z. Armond

Education, research and extension at a planetarium [pdf]
D. A. Pereira et al.

Observational multi-technique studies of a new magnetic cataclysmic variable [pdf]
Diego Carvalho de Souza et al.

Connection between flares and orbital position of exoplanets [pdf]
D. F. Ferreira & C. L. Selhorst

Living planetarium: challenges for surviving the pandemic [pdf]
D. M. Allen et al.

Accretion and mass loss in young stellar objects [pdf]
D. S. Alles et al.

Ram pressure effects on the color evolution of a galaxy [pdf]
E. A. Mello-Terencio & R. E. G. Machado

Manipulating starlight: improving detection of nearby binaries and exoplanets with an adaptive pupil mask [pdf]
Evaldo V. L. Bezerra & Alexandre J. T. S. Mello

Kinematics and star formation in the green valley with integral field spectroscopy [pdf]
F. Palacios et al.

Polarimetry of the near synchronous magnetic cataclysmic variables 1RXS J083842.1-282723 and IGR J19552+0044 [pdf]
F. Falkenberg et al.

Evolution and demography of galaxies in groups and clusters [pdf]
Flávio Rabelo de Morais Neto et al.

Live, on-site data processing and photometry for SOAR imagers [pdf]
F. F. S. Maia et al.

Simulations of the H Balmer series in solar flares [pdf]
Gabriel F. S. Silva et al.

Studying the Universe at High Redshift with GRBs [pdf]
Gabriel Luiz Ferreira Santos & João Braga

Relationship between the environmental properties of the ICM and the central radio galaxy in the cluster of galaxies Abell 119 [pdf]
Gabriel S.V. Fontinele & Hugo V. Capelato

Comparative study of the spectral properties of type 1 and 2 QSOs [pdf]
G. R. Hauschild-Roier & T. Storchi-Bergmann

Analyzing stellar stream dynamics: N-body simulations and analytical potentials [pdf]
G. C. Tauil & R. E. G. Machado

Searching for merging galaxy clusters with S-PLUS [pdf]
Giulya Souza et al.

The influences of stellar ages on the length of galactic bars [pdf]
G. F. Gonçalves & R. E. G. Machado

Distance estimate to the cloud DC313.3+3.7 [pdf]
G. Santos et al.

Centroiding for truncation-robust wavefront sensor [pdf]
H. S. Pires et al.

Diffuse Ionized Gas in Edge-on Galaxies [pdf]
J. S. Mendes & N. Vale Asari

Characterization of the young star cluster associated with FZ CMa [pdf]
J. V. Corrêa-Rodrigues & J. Gregorio-Hetem

Structure and dynamical age of VISCACHA Magellanic Clouds peripheral star clusters [pdf]
J. F. C. Santos Jr. et al.

Estimating stellar and nebular properties with AlStar in S-PLUS galaxies [pdf]
J. Thainá-Batista et al.

Computational modeling of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in planetary nebulae [pdf]
Julia Fischer et al.

Optimizing the indirect search for dark matter with the CTA [pdf]
J. Mamprim & V. de Souza

Segundas Astronômicas at UFRGS Campus do Vale Observatory [pdf]
J. Morais et al.

Tidal dissipation on Saturn and the impact on the orbital expansion of Mimas [pdf]
Karyna Gimenez-Coelho & Adrián Rodríguez

Particle Acceleration in the Heliosphere and in Supernova Remnants [pdf]
L. R. Magalhães et al.

The effect of the extragalactic environment on the evolution of S0-type galaxies [pdf]
L. Okiyama et al.

Analysis and characterization of the open clusters UFMG 100 and NGC 2360 [pdf]
Laura G. Novaes et al.

Chemical evolution of the Galaxy estimated by distributions of elemental abundance [pdf]
L. Porto & H. J. Rocha-Pinto

Optical mass proxies for galaxy clusters from probabilistic memberships [pdf]
L. Doubrawa et al.

Detection of pulsating white dwarfs through the S-PLUS data [pdf]
L. Li et al.

Investigating the effects of the vacuum energy on compact objects [pdf]
L.F. Araújo et al.

Simulated observations of intermediate redshift galaxies with the MOSAIC spectrograph for the Extremely Large Telescope [pdf]
L. Béchade & T. S. Gonçalves

Photometric estimator of galaxy cluster masses [pdf]
Lucas Gabriel Silva & Laerte Sodré Jr.

Rotation–magnetic activity relation for late-F, G, K, and M stars [pdf]
L. J. Galvão et al.

Night sky brightness monitoring [pdf]
L. Melani Rocha Volpe & J. Gregorio-Hetem

Compact object populations over cosmic time [pdf]
L. M. de Sá et al.

The New Planetary Harmony [pdf]
Luiz Sampaio Athayde Junior

Distance determination of the dark cloud [DB2002b] G297.33+2.22 [pdf]
L. Santos et al.

Main components of our solar system acting like boundary objects: the “Science in the Caatinga” project [pdf]
Lupércio Braga Bezerra & João Batista Fortunato

Characterization of eclipsing binary systems from the CoRoT mission [pdf]
A. Melo & M. Emilio

Numerical investigation of an earth-grazing fireball’s close approach [pdf]
Marcelo De Cicco & Iharka Szücs-Csillik

Searching for metal-poor dwarf galaxies in the S-PLUS survey [pdf]
M. Grossi et al.

Bulk Flow Motion in the Local Universe with Pantheon+ Type Ia supernovae in the ALFALFA survey region [pdf]
Maria Lopes

Fermi acceleration mechanisms under Lorentz violating physics [pdf]
M. Duarte & V. de Souza

F-G dwarf stars hosting possibly rocky planets: Key abundance ratios [pdf]
M. Vieira & A. Milone

Confirming the magnetic nature of the white dwarf in CRTS J160346+193540 [pdf]
A. C. Mattiuci et al.

Polarimetric results of the SPARC4 commissioning [pdf]
A. C. Mattiuci et al.

Relic galaxies and massive compact ETGs from TNG50: local dynamics and global environment [pdf]
Micheli T. Moura et al.

Graph neural networks for robust parameter inference in cosmology: the first steps before real data [pdf]
Natalí S. M. de Santi et al.

Observational study of the polar cataclysmic variable candidate CRTS J091936.6$-$055519 [pdf]
N. Palivanas et al.

Investigation of the interstellar medium in the direction of the Bok Globule CB 176 [pdf]
N. M. S. A. Sasaki et al.

How hard is it to destroy a dwarf spheroidal galaxy? [pdf]
Nicholas Schweder Souza & Rubens Eduardo Garcia Machado

The Young Open Cluster NGC 1981 [pdf]
P. H. F. B. Braz et al.

Presentation of ARCTURUS, astronomy club of the UFABC [pdf]
P. Westera

Star formation in ringed barred spiral galaxies [pdf]
T. M. N. Bertolotti & H. Plana

Alfvén waves propagation in differentially rotating astrophysical disks [pdf]
N. F. S. Andrade & V. Jatenco-Pereira

Dynamical state of open clusters projected onto the Galactic bulge [pdf]
Maria Gabriela M. Gallo et al.

Near-infrared study of regions associated with young star clusters [pdf]
A. S. Magalhães & J. Gregorio-Hetem

Searching and Understanding the Presence of AGNs in Dwarf Galaxy Nuclei [pdf]
L. S. Ribeiro et al.

Distance determination of the dark cloud PGCC G004.67-46.69 [pdf]
R. Silva et al.

Determination of the distance to the Bok globule CB218 [pdf]
R. Almeida et al.

Unraveling the physical and chemical proprieties of globular clusters in dwarf galaxies [pdf]
R. Ferreira et al.

Tutorial on accessing public astrophysical data using SQL and Python languages [pdf]
Raphael Gomes Sousa et al.

Lithium depletion in solar analogs: Age, mass, and planet effects [pdf]
Anne Rathsam et al.

Hydrodynamic simulations to unveil the complex merging of the Abell 2744 from JWST images [pdf]
R. P. Albuquerque et al.

Analysis of the spiral structures of the grand design galaxies IC 4566 and NGC 768 using Fourier Transforms [pdf]
S. F. Costa et al.

Amplification of magnetic fields by a turbulent dynamo in the weakly collisional, viscous intra-cluster medium [pdf]
S. Adduci Faria et al.

Cosmic rays acceleration by magnetic reconnection in relativistic jets by means of in situ 3D MHD-PIC simulations [pdf]
T. E. Medina-Torrejón et al.

Ionic desorption of methanol ice in different space environments [pdf]
T. E. G. Haimuri et al.

Astrophysical parameters and evolution of open clusters along the Galactic plane [pdf]
Thomas M. dos Santos et al.

The outreach program Observatório do Valongo de Portas Abertas [pdf]
Raimundo José Ferreira Filho et al.

Photospectral synthesis of galaxies in the middle age of the Universe [pdf]
Victor Hugo Sasse et al.

Influence of transit latitude on planetary transmission spectra [pdf]
Viktor Y. D. Sumida et al.

Circumgalactic gas medium influence on M31 and M33 interaction [pdf]
V. F. Fochesato & R. E. G Machado

A structural and dynamical study of the Hercules supercluster [pdf]
Vitor H. Y. Fugivala et al.

The co-evolution of central galaxies and AGN activity in different environments [pdf]
V. M. Sampaio et al.

The environment of local analogues to high-redshift star forming galaxies [pdf]
Vitor L. da Silva et al.

Interaction between protostellar winds and planetary magnetosphere [pdf]
Y. Tamburus et al.

Are mass extinctions and comet impacts correlated with Sun crossings through the Galaxy spiral arms? [pdf]
A. S. Galeote et al.

Jellyfish galaxies and AGNs with HSC, DESI and PFS [pdf]
Gabriel M. Azevedo et al.

Studies of nonthermal emission of illuminated molecular clouds [pdf]
J. F. Masotti & M. V. del Valle

Calibration method for star cluster ages with Gaia DR2 data [pdf]
Filipe A. Ferreira et al.

Search for new star clusters with Gaia DR2 data [pdf]
Filipe A. Ferreira et al.

Unraveling the origin of phosphorus emission in active galaxies [pdf]
N. Bensley & R. Riffel

Modeling outbursts of the dwarf nova EX Draconis as mass transfer events [pdf]
Wagner Schlindwein & Raymundo Baptista

Photometric characterization of SPARC4 [pdf]
Wagner Schlindwein et al.

Modeling of a transient, high accretion state of the recurrent nova T CrB as a enhanced mass transfer event [pdf]
Wagner Schlindwein et al.