Boletim da SAB

volume 33


ISSN 0101-3440


Sonhos altos — Oportunidades perdidas para a astronomia brasileira [pdf]
Albert Bruch

Proceedings da XLIV Reunião Anual da SAB

Low-cost digital planetarium [pdf]
M. R. Voelzke & A. J. L. Pereira

Base Lunar [pdf]
I. Beloto, G. Leite & T. Ribeiro

Meteorites in Brazil: The law as a guarantee for scientific research [pdf]
R. Vesule, M. E. Zucolotto & J. W. S. Vilas-Boas

Hydrodynamic simulations of the kiloparsec-scale jet of 3C 338 [pdf]
A. S. R. Antas, et al.

Online courses of astrophysics [pdf]
A. Zabot

Post-starburst galaxies in SDSS MaNGA [pdf]
A. B. Burmeister, et al.

Simulations of Vertical Asymmetries in the Galatic Disk Induced by Interaction with a Satellite [pdf]
Andressa Wille & Rubens E. G. Machado

Methods for determining the trail vectors of jellyfish galaxies [pdf]
Rubens E. G. Machado

Unraveling the Universe [pdf]
Mariana Gomes, et al.

Astronomy through the window [pdf]
D. R. C. Mello, et al.

A numerical model for the dissociative collision of the galaxy cluster Abell 2034 [pdf]
M. T. Moura & R. E. G. Machado

Photospheres of OB stars [pdf]
Giovanna Carvalho & Ronaldo Savarino Levenhagen

Study of the Naphthalene Vibration Properties using Density Functional Theory Modeling and its Application in Galaxies [pdf]
Douglas A. da Silva, et al.

Studying solar rotation models with the Toulouse-Geneva evolution code [pdf]
Bernardo F. O. Gonçalves, Rafael R. Ferreira & Matthieu Castro

J-VAR: the variable sky in 7 colours [pdf]
A. Ederoclite, et al.

Online Lunar Phases Workshop [pdf]
M. E. Daros & D. Borges Pavani

Game of Biomes [pdf]
N. S. Teles, I. S. Junqueira & D. Borges Pavani

Building spectral models for globular clusters [pdf]
V. Branco & P. Coelho

Alternative diagnostic diagrams for galactic nuclei classification [pdf]
C. P. Aydar, et al.

Physical characterization of the corona at the black hole candidate 1E 1740.7-2942 [pdf]
Flavio D’Amico, et al.

Testing the correlation between mergers and AGN in the Arp 245 system [pdf]
Elismar Lösch & Daniel Ruschel-Dutra

The meteorite from Dunas de la Soledad: a new find from Mexico [pdf]
G. G. Silva, D. Sheikh & K. E. C. de la Cruz

Observation of the 2011 explosion of the recurrent nova T Pyxidis [pdf]
F. de Almeida, et al.

Rotation curves and dark matter profile of Lyman Break Galaxy Analogs [pdf]
Amanda Evelyn de Araujo Carvalho & Thiago Signorini Gonçalves

Planetary Geology: Contributions from Earth Sciences to the study of the Universe [pdf]
Hely C. Branco & Fernando Mancini

Considerations about the Equilibrium Shapes and Geology of TNOs [pdf]
Hely C. Branco & Felipe Braga-Ribas

Atmospheric mass loss of telluric planets due to solar or stellar wind [pdf]
Reinaldo Borges Júnior & Adriana Valio

Analysis of galaxies through the fit of spectral energy distributions [pdf]
I. Beloto & P. Coelho

Mass loss rates of Li-rich AGB/RGB stars: Data from the LAMOST survey [pdf]
W. J. Maciel & R. D. D. Costa

Influence on the Earth due to Sun’s entry into a dark cloud [pdf]
J. Leão, et al.

Particle dynamics of the ring around the dwarf planet Haumea [pdf]
Edielcio A. L. Lima Júnior & Jean P. dos Santos Carvalho

Preparation of a didactic sequence for elementary education [pdf]
José Ivan Spinardi & Marcos Rincon Voelzke

Numerical study of the correlation between mean motion resonance and planetary mass ratios [pdf]
V. Alencastro & A. Rodríguez

Light pollution and its damages to astronomical observations and to living beings [pdf]
M. C. S. Rodrigues & J. P. Santos

Low-ionization structures in planetary nebulae: statistically strengthening the molecular counterpart argument [pdf]
M. Belén Mari, Denise R. Gonçalves & Stavros Akras

Identifying protoclusters in the distant universe [pdf]
M. R. da Costa, K. M. Delmestre & T. S. Gonçalves

Rotating spacetimes [pdf]
M. Raia Neto & L. Claudio Lima Botti

Magnetic Effects of Electrical Discharges on Mars [pdf]
M. D. Andrade Nunes & R. I. F. Trindade

Building the Panchromatic Stellar Atlas [pdf]
M. S. Camargo, A. Ederoclite & P. R. T. Coelho

Orbital characteristics of planets of the TRAPPIST-1 system in the habitability zone [pdf]
Samara Rebeka P. Maciel & Jean Paulo dos S. Carvalho

Alfvén waves damping as a heating source for differentially [pdf]
N. F. S. Andrade & V. Jatenco-Pereira

Rotation and photometric activity in Kepler and K2 M dwarfs [pdf]
J. M. Machado & J.-D. Jr. do Nascimento

Investigating Differences in the galaxy accretion history in Gaussian and non-Gaussian clusters [pdf]
V. M. Sampaio et al.

Comics as a learning object about communication between Mars and Earth [pdf]
Pablo José Silva & Marcos Rincon Voelzke

Searching for Be stars using multi-band photometry [pdf]
Pedro Ticiani dos Santos & Alex Cavaliéri Carciofi

The efficiency analysis of high-eccentricity mechanisms for the production of hot Jupiter candidates [pdf]
H. Garzón, Adrián Rodríguez & G. C. de Elía

Exploring parameters in exoplanetary atmospheric retrieval [pdf]
A. Novais, et al.

Astrodicas e Unidade Astronomica [pdf]
Jackson de Farias, et al.

Popularization of astronomy in elementary school [pdf]
R. M. Abreu, et al.

Post-starburst galaxies in groups and clusters at 0.05 ≤ z ≤ 0.1 [pdf]
R. Spindler, et al.

Study of the anthracene energy and temperature: the case of the canonical ensemble from the astrochemistry perspective [pdf]
R. C. Rosa, Dinalva A. Sales & F. Ferrari

Evolution and amplification of magnetic fields in the large scale universe [pdf]
S. Adduci Faria, E. M. de Gouveia Dal Pino & R. Santos-Lima

Experimentation in the teaching of Moon phases [pdf]
V. Amorim & R. M. B. Vieira

Classifying Be star variability with TESS II [pdf]
T. de Amorim, A. Carciofi & J. Labadie-Bartz

Dust modeling in red supergiants using Bayesian inference [pdf]
T. de Amorim & A. Carciofi

What about high redshift sources in the Main Sequence of quasars? [pdf]
A. Deconto-Machado, A. del Olmo Orozco & P. Marziani

The BINGO telescope: simulations and component separation analysis [pdf]
V. Liccardo, on behalf of the BINGO collaboration

The environment of local analogues to high-redshift star forming galaxies [pdf]
Vitor L. da Silva, et al.

MBSE and the Capella modelling tool applying to BINGO system design process [pdf]
J. S. S. Lima, et al.

The galaxy NGC 1222 seen from the Near-Infrared [pdf]
Felipe B. Godoi & Lucimara P. Martins

MOOC: Basics of Sky Recognition [pdf]
L. Ferreira Richte & D. Borges Pavani