Boletim da SAB

volume 31


Proceedings da XLII Reunião Anual da SAB

Índice de contribuições

ProReg-SD: an auxiliary python program for spectral disentangling [pdf]
K. B. V. Torres et al.

The SIRIUS code: Statistical Inference of physical paRameters of sIngle and mUltiple populations in Stellar clusters [pdf]
S. O. Souza et al.

Cherenkov Telescope Array and the future of high-energy astrophysics [pdf]
Ulisses Barres de Almeida, for the Cherenkov Telescope Array Consortium

X-ray interactions with condensed chlorobenzene: formation of PAHs on dust grains surfaces [pdf]
F. Kruczkiewicz et al.

A bright fireball over the coast of the state of Bahia [pdf]
M. Zurita et al.

Optical transmission spectrum of Trappist-1b using from ground based observations [pdf]
Raissa Estrela & Elyar Sedaghati

Classification of exoplanets with data mining techniques [pdf]
Gabriel M. Manfredi et al.

Orbital evolution of the GJ 667Cc exoplanet [pdf]
Jean Paulo dos S. Carvalho

Solar Virtual Observatory for millimeter wavelength survey [pdf]
V. Lessa et al.

Observations of planetary transits carried out at the Observatório do Pico dos Dias (OPD) [pdf]
J. Oliveira et al.

Stellar activity of Kepler 289 from transits modelling [pdf]
Alexandre Araújo de Souza & Adriana Valio

A computational alternative for the polygon method in gravitational microlensing events [pdf]
L. de Almeida & J-D. do Nascimento

An easy way to reduce and analize light curves from the Kepler mission [pdf]
L. de Almeida & J-D. do Nascimento

Studying the stochasticity of type I solar storms with gradient spectra [pdf]
M. A. U. Cintra et al.

Differencial flux method of cutting off binaries [pdf]
L. de Almeida et al.

Modelling intermediate polars using the CYCLOPS code: the case of V405 Aurigae [pdf]
I. J. Lima et al.

Mapping the accretion disc of the short period eclipsing binary SDSS J0926+3624 [pdf]
W. Schlindwein & R. Baptista

Stellar activity by spot transit modeling [pdf]
Adriana Valio

Simulations of stellar mass ejections and their effects on atmospheres of exoplanets [pdf]
R. Borges Júnior & A. Valio

The subterahertz Sun [pdf]
F. Menezes et al.

Transition disks: A study of disk holes properties and the connection with planet formation [pdf]
A. P. Sousa & S. H. P. Alencar

Automatic detection of active stars in the Kepler satellite database [pdf]
Edgar Sgroi Rocha et al.

Bayesian inference of the physical properties of Be stars [pdf]
B. C. Mota et al.

Evidences of extragalactic origin and planet engulfment in the metal-poor binary HD 134439/HD 134440 [pdf]
H. Reggiani & J. Meléndez

CoRoT light curves of eclipsing binaries [pdf]
A. C. M. Figueiredo et al.

Chemical anomalies in solar twins [pdf]
T. A. Pacheco et al.

Analysis of accretion in young stellar objects of NGC 6530 [pdf]
C. O. Leal et al.

An estimate of the mass loss rates of Li-rich AGB/RGB stars [pdf]
W. J. Maciel & R. D. D. Costa

Determination of stellar parameters for FGK stars [pdf]
T. M. Moura & M. F. M. V. Neves

Chemical analysis of K giants in the young open cluster NGC 2345 [pdf]
N. Holanda et al.

Tidal effects on the structure of Magellanic Cloud peripheral star clusters [pdf]
João F. C. Santos Jr. et al.

The VISCACHA survey: Age and metallicity spatial distribution of star clusters in the SMC reveals a complex tidal history [pdf]
B. Dias et al.

Determining ages and metallicities of LMC and SMC [pdf]
P. Westera et al.

Analysis of multiple populations in six Bulge globular clusters using HST UV Legacy Survey [pdf]
R. A. P. Oliveira et al.

A multiwavelength study of the OH megamaser galaxy [pdf]
Dinalva A. Sales et al.

Interacting galaxies. I: New detected systems from the Arp-Madore Catalogue [pdf]
Miriani G. Pastoriza et al.

Nuclear activity and stellar population in the BCG IC4765 [pdf]
P. C. da Rocha-Poppe et al.

Studying colors of extragalactic globular clusters using J-PLUS images [pdf]
D. Brito-Silva et al.

Ages and metallicities for 50 globular clusters in NGC 1023 [pdf]
D. Brito-Silva et al.

Applying Artificial Intelligence for learning and fitting quasar 3C273 light curves [pdf]
R. B. V. Ferrari & L. C. L. Botti

Radial metallicity distribution of the galaxy NGC4254 using multislit GEMINI/GMOS spectra: Looking for corotation signatures [pdf]
T. A. Sabino & S. Scarano Jr.

Codes to Automatically Measure Abundances and Metallicity Gradients of Discoidal Galaxies [pdf]
S. Scarano Jr.

Structure and dynamics of Fornax group [pdf]
Davi Dias Barbosa et al.

Dark matter halo evolution in N-body simulations of barred galaxies [pdf]
D. A. Marostica & R. E. G. Machado

Near-infrared study of OH megamaser galaxies [pdf]
Walas Silva-Oliveira et al.

Spectroscopic Observations of Peculiar Galaxies at z < 0.1 [pdf]
V. A. Fernandes-Martin et al.

Interacting galaxies. II: physical properties and nuclear activity [pdf]
Pedro Cezar de Macedo et al.

Search for new bright quasars with S-PLUS [pdf]
L. M. I. Nakazono et al., for the S-PLUS collaboration

Spectroscopic analysis of accretion/ejection signatures in Herbig Ae/Be stars [pdf]
T. Moura et al.

Relation between the outflow of a central black hole and the interstellar medium of dwarf spheroidal galaxies [pdf]
L. S. de Oliveira et al.

Study of quasar OV236 variability with scalable tree boosting system [pdf]
S. B. Soltau & L. C. L. Botti

Effects of supernovae in the central region of dwarf spheroidal galaxies [pdf]
J. F. Soares et al.

Optical classification of OH megamaser galaxies [pdf]
Lara M. Gatto et al.

Simulating temperature maps of gas sloshing in the galaxy cluster Abell 1644 [pdf]
L. Doubrawa & R. E. G. Machado

Diffuse intergalactic magnetic fields using cosmological simulations [pdf]
S. Adduci Faria et al.

Using cross-entropy optimization to model AGN light curves from VLBA MOJAVE images [pdf]
R. P. Vitoriano & L. C. L. Botti

The PAH emission characteristics of the starburst-dominated galaxies using Fast Fourier Transform [pdf]
J. Espinoza et al.

Can globular clusters contain dark matter? [pdf]
Oswaldo D. Miranda et al.

Can the anomalous X-ray pulsar 4U 0142+61 be described as an accreting white dwarf? [pdf]
Sarah V. Borges et al.

The dynamics of neutron star superfluid cores and braking indices of young pulsars [pdf]
H. O. Oliveira et al.

A study of the heating sources of protostellar accretion disks under the MRI instability [pdf]
Natália F. S. Andrade & Vera Jatenco-Pereira

Journey to the sky through the eyes of science [pdf]
K. B. V. Torres et al.

Inclusion of women in science and technology [pdf]
K. B. V. Torres et al.

Conceptions of students entrants of a Physics course on planets and dwarf planets in Solar System: A case study [pdf]
Arilson Paganotti et al.

Experiments for astronomy teaching: One Decade Review of works presented on the SNEF [pdf]
J. Oliveira & P. Rodrigues

Expanding Horizons of the “Planetário de Pobre” in Astronomy Teaching [pdf]
L. Lanza et al.

Seasons of the year [pdf]
R. Teixeira et al.

The Earth-Moon Distance Through Parallax in Basic Education [pdf]
M. C. S. Rodrigues et al.

Capacitation in Astronomy and affiliated sciences for teachers: Experience with the Directory of Teaching of the Region of Mauá [pdf]
Orlando Rodrigues Ferreira & Marcos Rincon Voelzke

Prospection of the Previous Astronomical Knowledge of High School First Graders at Centro Paula Souza Technical School [pdf]
Nivaldo Robson Pinto & Marcos Rincon Voelzke