Boletim da SAB

volume 32


Proceedings da XLIII Reunião Anual da SAB

Índice de contribuições

The impact of stellar activity on orbiting planets [pdf]
Adriana Valio

Formation and destruction of organic molecules in the upper atmosphere of Titan [pdf]
Aline Ramos Novais et al.

Lithium for CoRoT Eclipsing Binaries [pdf]
Ana Carolina Mattiuci Figueiredo et al.

Inclusion and Teaching of Astronomy for disabled students, trends observed in the publications of the National Symposium of Astronomy Teaching [pdf]
Arilson Paganotti et al.

Evolution of massive stars [pdf]
M. Bernini & W. Marcolino

The temperature scale and the classification of stars [pdf]
B. Barroso & J. Meléndez

Quenching vs. bursting as a function of morphology [pdf]
C. de Sá-Freitas & T. S. Gonçalves

The 69 µm polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon bands in starburst-dominated sources [pdf]
C. Canelo et al.

The stellar occultation by the Centaur (2060) Chiron on November 28, 2018 and the search for rings [pdf]
C. L. Pereira et al.

Investigating evidence of Meaningfull Learning in a minicourse about observing the Sun [pdf]
Cleonir Coelho Simões & Marcos R. Voelzke

Buckling instabilities in N-body simulations of barred galaxies [pdf]
D. A. Marostica & R. E. G. Machado

Stellar populations in modern photometric surveys [pdf]
D. Brito-Silva et al.

Study of Low-Symmetry Molecules in Near-Infrared Spectra of M Dwarfs [pdf]
D. R. A. B. Lima

Optical Transients in Wide Field Surveys [pdf]
A. Ederoclite & H. Vázquez Ramió

New Candidates for Chromospherically Young, Kinematically Old Stars [pdf]
Eduardo Machado Pereira & Helio Jaques Rocha Pinto

Photometric redshifts for S-PLUS using machine learning techniques [pdf]
E. Vinicius-Lima & L. Sodré Jr., for the S-PLUS collaboration

CMEs from the Sun and Kepler-63 [pdf]
F. Menezes et al.

Polar and equatorial radii from SST and ALMA [pdf]
F. Menezes et al.

Kinematics of the relativistic jet of BL Lac object AO 0235+164 [pdf]
Flávio Benevenuto da Silva Junior & Anderson Caproni

Photometric variability and magnetic activity in young suns [pdf]
Geisa Ponte et al.

The origin of high-metallicity structures in the core of the Fornax galaxy group [pdf]
Hugo Vicente Capelato et al.

Equilibrium shapes and Geology of TNOS [pdf]
H. C. Branco & F. Braga-Ribas

Propagation of cosmic rays and their secondaries in the intracluster medium [pdf]
Saqib Hussain et al.

Bayesian inference applied to modeling [pdf]
I. Kolesnikov et al.

Tactile Notebook for Astronomy [pdf]
Jackson de Farias et al.

Spectral states characterization proposal for the black hole candidate [pdf]
Jurandi Leão et al.

Construction of Planets in Scale with Realistic Surfaces: an Interdisciplinar Method to Teach Astronomy [pdf]
K. G. Lima & S. Scarano Jr.

TESS photometric observations of HD 17051 [pdf]
L. de Almeida et al.

Exploring universes in education: Astronomy teaching for teachers [pdf]
L. Lanza et al.

Simulating the gas sloshing of the galaxy cluster Abell 1644 with a recently discovered substructure [pdf]
L. Doubrawa et al.

Identification of new quasars in the S-PLUS fields and determination of photo-zs using machine learning [pdf]
L. M. I. Nakazono et al.

Analysis of water production rates for the hyperactive comet 46P/Wirtanen [pdf]
L. F. de Araújo et al.

An unbiased sample of galaxies for the study of bar-nuclear activity [pdf]
Luiz Albérico Da Silva Lima et al.

The quality of spectral lines in planetary nebulae [pdf]
M. Belén Mari et al.

Analysis of the previous basic’s Astronomy knowledge in students of the 2nd and 3rd years of high school [pdf]
M. A. S. Anastacio et al.

The dark matter potential and the evolution of dwarf spheroidal galaxies [pdf]
M. M. de Castro et al.

Simulating the collision velocity of the dissociative galaxy cluster Abell 2034 [pdf]
Micheli T. Moura & Rubens E. G. Machado

Classifying cluster galaxies using UV emission and optical data [pdf]
M. Fonseca & A. Ribeiro

Angular momentum conservation for pulsars and core superfluid dynamics [pdf]
H. O. Oliveira & N. S. Magalhães

MHD waves as extra heating sources for protostellar accretion disks [pdf]
Natália F. S. Andrade & Vera Jatenco-Pereira

A nonextensive insight into the stellar initial mass function [pdf]
D. B. de Freitas et al.

Project-Based Learning (PBL): a Methodological Approach to Teaching Physics and Astronomy [pdf]
Nivaldo Robson Pinto & Marcos Rincon Voelzke

3D Objects: The Moon and the TRAPPIST-1 extrasolar system [pdf]
Elisa Maria et al.

Didactic sequence about satellites and space debris in an Astronomy course to the training and capacitation of teachers in Amparo/SP, Brazil [pdf]
Orlando R. Ferreira & Marcos R. Voelzke

Revisiting the spectroscopic chromospheric activity of solar-like stars [pdf]
R. R. Ferreira et al.

HD 43587: a primary CoRoT target under a Maunder minimum phase? [pdf]
R. R. Ferreira

Presolar grains and their implications for the study of solar nebula heterogeneity [pdf]
R. Feitosa-Bastos & S. Lorenz-Martins

Simulations of merging galaxy clusters with very hot shock fronts and observed near the pericentric passage [pdf]
R. C. Volert et al.

Simulations of the supercluster merger Abell 901/2 and the formation of jellyfish galaxies [pdf]
Rafael Ruggiero et al.

Analysis spectral and dynamic of the Meteor on August 21st, 2018 in São Paulo [pdf]
R. D. A. Marreira et al.

Non-Keplerian rotation curves derived from simulations of warped galaxies [pdf]
S. Scarano Jr. & N. R. C. Sá

Cosmic magnetism in the large scale universe [pdf]
S. Adduci Faria et al.

Astrometric search for gravitational lenses in the Gaia DR2 [pdf]
R. Teixeira et al.

Radial Metallicity Distribution of the Galaxies NGC5033 and NGC4254 Using GMOS Spectroscopy [pdf]
Sabino, T. A. & Scarano Jr, S.

Information technology & astronomical data in Brazil [pdf]
U. Barres de Almeida et al.

Background extraction from light curves of solar millimeter emission [pdf]
V. Lessa et al.

Kinematic study of the relativistic parsec-scale jet of the blazar TXS 0506+056 and its relationship to the high-energy neutrino IceCube170922A event [pdf]
V. Y. D. Sumida & A. Caproni

Science outreach in astronomy at the Science Stand [pdf]
V. Amorim & E. Izidoro

Isolated groups of extremely blue dwarf galaxies [pdf]
V. Bootz et al.

Mass determination of outer giant planets in systems Kepler-25, Kepler-65 and Kepler-68 via orbital stability analysis [pdf]
V. C. A. Guimarães & A. Rodríguez

Mass loss rates of Li-rich AGB/RGB stars from GAIA data [pdf]
W. J. Maciel & R. D. D. Costa

Time evolution of the quiescent accretion disc of the dwarf nova OY Carinae [pdf]
Wagner Schlindwein & Raymundo Baptista

Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons in Luminous Infrared Galaxies [pdf]
Y. Martins-Franco & K. Menéndez-Delmestre

Meteoritic in Brazil [pdf]
M. E. Zucolotto et al.

Recognition and characterization of metal meteorites rescued after fire of the National Museum/UFRJ [pdf]
Felipe Abrahão Monteiro et al.

The limb darkening on the detection of exoplanets and exomoons [pdf]
Gabriel Zuza Diniz et al.

Effects of supernovae types II and Ia in the gas dynamics of dwarf spheroidal galaxies [pdf]
J. F. Soares et al.

Outflow of a central black hole and the removal of gas in dwarf spheroidal galaxies [pdf]
L. S. de Oliveira et al.

Nuclear parameters of comets 63P/Wild 1 and C/2012 K1 (PANSTARRS) [pdf]
T. M. Bettio et al.

Projected phase space of massive clusters of galaxies [pdf]
V. M. Sampaio et al.

Magnetic fields in comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko [pdf]
M. R. Voelzke et al.